Kelly M. Kadera

Associate Professor

Drop-in hours: T 10:00–11:30am, W 12:30–2:00pm

Kelly Kadera is an Associate Professor of Political Science and studies conflict processes and dynamic modeling.


  • “Conflict Environments and Civil War Onset.” Journal of Global Strategic Studies (with L. Reid, R. Myrick, and M. Crescenzi, forthcoming)
  • “Re-evaluating Gender and IR Scholarship: Moving beyond Reiter’s Dichotomies toward Effective Synergies.” Journal of Conflict Resolution (with L. Sjoberg and C. Thies, 2018)
  • “Built to Last: Understanding the Link between Democracy and Conflict in the International System.” International Studies Quarterly (with M. Crescenzi, 2016)
  • “The Social Underpinnings of Women’s Worth in the Study of World Politics: Culture, Leader Emergence, and Coauthorship.” International Studies Perspectives (2013)
Research areas
  • International Relations
  • Formal Theory
Kelly Kadera
PhD, University of Illinois, 1995

373 Schaeffer Hall (SH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States