Nation and statewide polling with big impact

Since 2007, the Department of Political Science has conducted the Hawkeye Poll, a series of national and state public opinion polls that have resulted in important research by faculty and graduate students and that have exposed hundreds of undergraduates to the process of survey research.

The Hawkeye Poll is a cooperative venture between faculty and graduate students in which members help implement the survey in exchange for the opportunity to place questions on it.

The poll also constitutes an important learning opportunity for interested undergraduates enrolled in select political science courses. Hundreds of students have had the opportunity to directly participate in the research production process and to acquire valuable career-related knowledge about survey research and public polling in general.

For questions about the Hawkeye Poll, please contact Fred Boehmke or Nick Martini.

"You read about all these polls and I had never really experienced it. When I saw the Hawkeye Poll (in national newspapers), it felt really good."

Nathan Darus, BA Political Science

Past Hawkeye Poll Results

  • Americans trust president, Congress less than half the time: release, topline
  • Americans have some degree of concern about climate change: release, topline
  • Democrats and Republicans Ukraine Support: release, topline
  • Older Americans less supportive of progressive social issues: release, topline
  • Where America Stands for the 2024 Election: release, topline

  • Majority of Iowans support legalization of marijuana for medical, recreational use: release, topline
  • Iowans split on education transparency bills: release, topline
  • Iowans Support Supreme Court Term Limits but Oppose Expansion of Court Size: release, topline
  • Iowans Favor Eliminating Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences: release, topline
  • Iowans Split on 15-Week Abortion Ban: release, topline
  • Majority of Iowans Prefers People Stand for Pledge of Allegiance: release, topline
  • Plurality of Iowans supports teaching the 1619 Project in K-12 schools: release, topline

  • A Plurality of Iowans Disapproves of Reynolds: release, topline
  • Majority of Iowans believe social media companies are biased when flagging posts: release, topline
  • Slight majority of Iowans opposes permitless carry: release, topline
  • Plurality of Iowans supports constitutional amendment on gun rights: release, topline
  • Half of Iowans have heard of QAnon and they think it is bad for the country: release, topline
  • Iowans support minimum wage increase: release, topline

  • Iowa 2018 election-Hubbell holds slight edge over Reynolds: release, topline
  • Iowans concerned about health care in advance of 2018 midterm election: release, topline

  • Support for Justice Center Mixed: release, topline
  • Police Support Among Johnson County Residents Is High: release, topline 
  • Johnson County Residents Support Vaccination but Beliefs Vary: release, topline
  • Iowa Citians Weigh In On Charter Review Proposals: release, topline
  • Johnson County Residents Support Local School Boards Setting School Start Dates, and Partisanship Dives Support For Free Community College release, topline

See the main story summarizing the results. Detailed press releases follow:

  •  One in Four Iowans Affected by the Government Shutdown: release, topline.
  •  Most Iowans Unaware but Supportive of Telemedicine Abortion Policy Change: release, topline.
  •  Iowa Gun Law Granting Firearm Permits to Blind People has Little Support: release, topline.
  •  Iowans Interested in Health Insurance Marketplace, but Unsure How to Navigate It: release, topline.
  •  Majority of Iowans Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana: release, topline.

Archive Poll Data

Data from previous Hawkeye Polls have been archived for public use through the Dataverse at Harvard. The Hawkeye Poll Dataverse allows users to perform analyses online or to download the entire survey data if needed. Visit the archive at:

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